Winter Party Dresses for Women

Style tips on wearing your winter whites :

We are sure you have heard the saying, “never wear white after Labor Day”. Nowadays, wearing white is all year round is not only a usual occurrence, but quite a fashionable one. There are a few theories on how and why this old fashion rule existed. According to a 2009 Time article, wearing white was for functionality. White and lighter color clothing kept you cooler in the summer months and before air conditioning you can imagine how important this could be. The other theory is based directly off of hierarchy or snobbery. As noted in both Mademoiselle and Time this meant, if you lived in a dirty city, you would typically wear dark clothing so the soot wouldn’t be visible. However, if you were wealthy and living in a dirty city you would wear white because this would self-identify that you were wealthy enough to leave the city during the summer and enjoy your vacation home. Thus, clearly defining and dividing the rich from the poor. Breaking it down, wearing white in the summer became a sign of wealth and leisure.

Exclusive Range of Women Winter Party

Nowadays, wearing white all year round is simply not an issue. In fact, it’s very fashionable. Here we offer winter party dresses for women, including separates.